HEX Clothing is a spin-off of the Techno movement HEX.

It was founded by the Italians, Paolo Ferrara e Lorenzo Raganzini, together with the British designer Will McGrath, to create unique, durable and comfortable products for clubbers.

The mission of the brand has always been from the very beginning to create handmade / handprinted clothes in Barcelona with the highest quality possible. In the past years, HEX Clothing brought to life to innovative collections as "Antidote to Reality", "WAX" and "Obscene", the BDSM handmade and vegan collection made in collaboration with the artist Larysa Roux.

HEX as a whole is an ecosystem.

It's composed by one of the most respected Techno events brand in the world who organises regularly strong nights in the best venues of Barcelona, Athens, Porto and Tbilisi. 

Another branch is HEX Recordings, Techno label with vinyl and digital releases, created by a mix of veteran international artists and more emergent talents. It proposes its vision not only by music but also by unforgettable videoclips.

The movement HEX includes a big variety of artistic disciplines, like: music, photography, videography, paintings, sculptures and journalism. All this gives the inspiration behind the products style.

Today HEX Clothing is collaborating with talented worldwide designers to create new special and limited collections, and to offer a big assortment of products for all those that would like to support and wear the brand.

Wrote about us:

Believe in black.
Believe in HEX.